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Learn how to create digital collage sheets in Photoshop for crafts or to sell online. Ready made templates included.


Hello and welcome to the course.

The Photoshop Interface, setting up your workspace.

Student will learn what the move tool is.

The marquee tool is explained in this lesson.

Students will learn what the lasso tool is.

The wand tool and quick selection tool is explained.

The crop tool is covered in this lesson.

The eye dropper is explained.

Students will learn about the brush tool.

The clone tool is covered in this lesson.

The erasure tool is covered here.

The paint buckett and gradient tool are shown in this lesson.

Students will learn how to use the text tool.

The shape tool is covered.

The hand tool, the zoom tool, and the color box are covered in this lesson.

What collage sheets are and how they are used.

Artists can easily make collage sheets from their artwork as another income stream.

A brief run through of the collage templates included in this course.

Download the collage sheet templates now. There are 3 folders to download.

How to set up your files before creating your collage sheets.

Adding designs to the templates is quick and easy.

Part 3 of how to add designs to your template.

How to add your copyright info, and saving your files.

Some examples of ways to display your collage sheets for sales.

How to save a preview of your collage sheets for online viewing, and adding a watermark to protect your products.

How to use the cabacon overlay to make your collage sheet stand out and look professional.

How to use the sliide overlay to give your collage sheet presentation a 3D effect.

Download the overlays covered in this section.

Students learn how to create their own collage sheets. They also learn how to create collage sheets using the Shapes tool and free shapes that come with Photoshop.

See examples of presentation layouts from people selling their collage sheets online.

What Terms of Use are, and the various types.

Clickable links to resources and websites mentioned in this course.

Get discount coupons for more fun Photoshop courses.

If you would like to see my work, please visit my online sites.

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