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Angels and Dragons offer you transformational power for your life and purpose. Finally! Ultimate in energy magic.


As in the beginner's course, you will be strengthening your communication and connection with the Archangels. Please focus on the need secure a steady awareness of the energy you inhabit daily, t ...

Take responsibility for your new life today. Embrace change and positivity and accept your responsibility as a catalyst for world change. If you want more meaning now you can define that and design yo ...

Understand the complexity of Feng Shui and how it is a comprehensive system of employing energy to create prosperity and abundance in life. It is a cooperative method of meeting the needs of the peopl ...

Becoming an Initiate is your honor as you become more attuned to the intentions of the angelic realms of creation and ascension processes. As you apply the life changing principles of Universal Feng S ...

Hear the Angels messages and understand how they intend you to utilize the symbols they provided with their specializations and intentions in mind. Also, prepare yourself to receive the Kundalini awak ...

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