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What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?


The first lesson is about the aims of the course. We will see how emotions are expressed through non-verbal comunication, we will analiyze different body parts of dogs, we will show you correct and ...

Indecision is the dog mood in which they express their volunteer of choise.

The first mood we will analyze is the friendly attitude

Attention is the dog volunteer to focalize on something interesting

Peace signals are a wide range of signals used by stressed dog.

Smile is important to communicate kindness. For our dogs, smile could mean an another kind of mood.

Caress is very important both for humans and dogs. It creates strong connections in the group

Communication habits – approach In this lesson, we will learn the right and the incorrect approach to a dog.

looking in the eyes For human, looking in the eyes is normal and polite. Are you sure that it's the same for your dog?

One of our communication habit is running towards someone else. Let's us see how dogs see this.

Dogs are not like babies. They don't like being picking in our arms. In this lesson, we will see why

Aggressiveness for power: Aggressiveness for power is the most scared mood for dog owners. In this lesson, we will analyse dog behaviour and teach you how to behave in front of an aggressive dog. ...

Aggressiveness for fear is the most dog mood representing scared submission

Submission fear is the most common dog mood expressing remission

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