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Essential training to keep your dogs safe, attract clients & gain skills & confidence to take action in an emergency.


Hello and welcome! In this lesson you'll meet me, my lovely "Lab assistant" Taiga, and get an overview of everything you'll learn in this course.

Learn the three essential steps that will prepare you to react quickly and intelligently in a crisis, and get you the help you need when every second counts.

Yes, you need one! This lesson will teach you how to assemble and maintain your kit, a checklist of the items you'll need, and why having a kit is so important.

Learn the various techniques for safely approaching and capturing an injured dog.

Learn how, why, when (and when not) to muzzle a dog before treatment. Starring the lovely and patient Taiga.

Learn various recommended techniques for restraining an injured dog so you can safely treat her injuries.

Learn to detect subtle differences in your dog's appearance or behavior that may signal a problem before it becomes too serious.

Learn the latest standardized guidelines for pet CPR in this detailed step-by-step demonstration. Includes an explanation of compression techniques for various sizes and breeds, mouth-to-snout rescu ...

With the help of Taiga and Ginger, this demo-style lesson will teach you the four essential skills to aid a choking dog, including how to check the mouth, the Canine Heimlich Maneuver, wheelbarrow/g ...

This lessons details the signs and first aid actions for various types of poisoning accidents such as the ingestion of toxic foods and plants, plus first aid for topical and inhalation poisonings.

In this lesson you'll get to witness a real dog bloating (don't worry, he makes a full recovery!) as well as get extensive background information on what types of dogs are most at risk, an ...

The signs, causes and first aid treatment for heatstroke are all covered in this detailed lesson - plus how you can protect the dogs in your care from this life-threatening emergency.

In this lesson you'll learn the most common causes of burns in dogs and the different first aid actions for heat, chemical and electrical (cord bite) burns.

Meet Ginger, the adorable English Staffordshire Terrier who does not float! Ginger is the official mascot of this lesson that will teach you how to keep your dogs safe in and around the water, what ...

Learn the signs of foreign body ingestions that can cause gastrointestinal obstructions, how they affect the dog, what actions to take, and ways to prevent these types of accidents. Warning: this le ...

Bonus e-book! This 25 page downloadable dog and puppy proofing guide from The Safe Dog Handbook will give you a step-by-step plan for creating a safe home and outdoor environment for your canines. ...

From the candy dish on the coffee table to the foxgloves in the flowerbed, the average home contains numerous poison hazards for dogs and puppies. In this lesson you'll learn which common foods ...

From every aspect, cars were designed for humans, so pet passengers require extra help when climbing in for a ride. In this lesson you'll gain a true understanding of the potential risks to do ...

Actionable plans, checklists and advice for how to include your pets in your family emergency plan, create a pet evacuation kit, regional tips, setting up an emergency pet buddy arrangement and more ...

Although rare, collar strangulation accidents are often deadly. Learn the most common causes of collar accidents and how you can prevent them.

Special guest lesson with renowned dog expert and trainer to the stars, Jennifer McCarthy! Learn how to walk your dogs more safely, avoid encounters with aggressive dogs, and tips on how to break u ...

Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Halloween and other celebrations pose numerous hazards to our dogs. This lesson details the most common holiday-specific risks, along with acti ...

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