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Learn how to massage your dog


Learn all about the fundamentals and essentials of dog massage. Discover how massage works and why it's beneficial to your pet's health. Dog massage training course will give you practical i ...

Whether you are already working with dogs or you would simply like to gain a new skill and do what you love -  welcome!

This course is designed to provide each student with a thorough and well rounded dog massage education with powerpoints, video presentations and demonstrative videos with quizzes. The blended delivery ...

Breda Kralj is a licensed massage therapist and a professional Dog massage course Instructor. She has more than 11 years experience in the animal massage field. She has been providing successful Dog m ...

Your dog will undoubtedly benefit from a massageMassage relieves:muscular tension, spasms and painintestinal gas and aid in digestionalleviates age related disordersimproves tone in weak muscles and l ...

The goal of a massage can vary. A more vigorous type of massage is used to prepare active dogs  for peak performance. Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relax ...

A massage for relaxation should involve most of the body with mild to moderate pressure. A Sports massage should focus on specific areas.

Preparation tips:schedule a time where there will be minimal distractions,exercise your pet prior to dog massage sessionallow a potty break before and after dog massage session



Some dogs need a massage before an event. The pace of the massage should be stimulating and brisk. A pre- event massage is usually not more than 5 minutes in duration. You should bring warmth to the t ...

A warm-up massage is designed to enhance the body temperature. It is ideal to limit the warm-up massage up to 2 minutes.

Effleurage is used at the beginning of a session to enable you to get a sense of the dog’s body. It is also used as a filler to move between different strokes.

Kneading is a circular technique where tissues are lifted, rolled and squeezed.

There are 2 types of stretching - pre-event and post- event stretching.Usually a pre-event stretching will last 3 minutes as part of a warm up. You should not push & pull the muscles right before the ...

A post-event massage is designed to aid the dog in recovering from the activity. Before administering allow the dog to cool down and rehydrate. A post event massage should be slow,  with long and dee ...

The techniques learned in this course do not replace veterinary medicine.Massage might not be recommended if your dog is suffering from an advanced condition of the immune system or lymphatic system.

Dogs tend to be satisfied with massage regardless of whether it has a medical effect. The emotional value of touch and the effects on mood are so profound that dogs really just cannot lose -  but mas ...

Try the techniques listed above and allow it to flow.  When used as part of a balanced lifestyle – massage can help both you and your dog to feel happy, healthy and engaged.

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