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Learn how to feed your dog the way nature intended and get a lean, fit and healthy dog. Makes dog training much easier!


Getting 2, 8 week old Parson Russell Terriers changed my life and career.  Here's a little bit about what happened and 'the boys' playing together and doing some tricks.

I designed this course for people who have dogs that need to lose weight, it's also for dogs who are often sick, have a dull coat, skin problems or joint pain and their owners would really like ...

BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food. During this video you'll learn: Why people don't feed their dogs BARF and what they miss out on. The health pro ...

During this video you'll learn: The best types of raw bones to feed your dog. At what stages of a dog's life can you feed them bones. What bones are good to feed puppies. Why you sho ...

When feeding your dog the BARF diet , it is good to include other foods additionally to feeding them raw meaty bones. During this video you'll find out exactly what these foods are.

This is such a common question..."How much do I feed my dog?" During this video you'll discover: The factors to consider when determining how much to feed your dog daily. How to keep a chec ...

If you're wondering what do you need in order to start feeding your dog BARF then this video will answer that question for you. In this video you'll get: A check list of what you need ...

2 raw feeding myths are shattered during this video which are: Dogs are too far removed from wolves to be fed a raw diet. Millions of dogs safely eat commercial foods, so why feed raw? You&# ...

2 more raw feeding myths are shattered during this video which are: The bacteria in raw meat with hurt your dog. Raw-fed animals pose a significant health risk to humans.

Here's the answers to 2 more raw feeding concerns: There is no scientific research to back raw diets. Different breeds of dogs need different kinds of diets.

Here's the answers to 3 more raw feeding questions/concerns: Ground raw diets are an acceptable alternative to feeding whole bones. Vets are thoroughly qualified to dispense nutritional adv ...

This is a second way of feeding your dog a raw diet, it is called 'Raw Meaty Bones' or the 'Prey Model' diet. During this video you'll learn: The differences between the ...

During this video you'll learn: How to start feeding your dog raw meaty bones. How to calculate the right amount of raw meaty bones to feed your dog. Ideas of what bones to feed your dog. ...

During this video you'll learn the different options you can choose from when switching from feeding your dog conventional dog food to a raw feeding diet.

A common question I'm asked is "Where do I get raw meaty bones from?" During this video I explain: The numerous places you can buy raw meaty bones. Why this way of feeding is much cheaper t ...

During this video I show you an additional supplier list where you can buy raw meaty bones, this is particularly useful if you live in Australia.

This is a third method of feeding raw food to your dog. This is a convenient way to feed your dog a raw food diet and is popular for people who: Have a busy lifestyle and do not have time to do ...

This document contains all the resources I spoke about during the above lectures and sections. It is not possible for me to have personally tested all the websites, products and links listed in ...

Thank you very much for watching my course :) If you have found benefit and have enjoyed the lectures I'd be very grateful if you would write a review, it would really help me and other st ...

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