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Discover how you can find out what your dog LOVES so you can use it to play and control him off lead.


Dogs love having fun and they are incredibly playful companions. However, many dog owners struggle to safely exercise their dogs off lead at the park because they are too interested in playing with ...

After this lecture you will know how to find out exactly what it is your dog really likes playing with. Then you can use his favourite toys to play and train him. You will know how to connect with you ...

In this lecture you will discover how much more difficult it is when you move the training with your dog outdoors. You will see how to use a long lead to maintain control of your dog while you ge ...

In this lecture I take Alex the pointer to the park and you can see how hard it is to exercise a dog who is easily distracted, even for me! It can be done though and you will have a much better unde ...

After this lecture you will know how to play and tire your dog out at the dog park. This will keep your dog safe and close to you at all times

This lecture concludes the training and recaps how by using the kryptonite and a long lead you can have fun and control your dog at the dog park.If you have any questions about the course please post ...

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