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Learn gentle dog training methods that get your dog to want to walk by your side and come back when called off leash


Getting 2, 8 week old Parson Russell Terriers changed my life and career. Here's a little bit about what happened and 'the boys' playing together and doing some tricks.

This lady's dog pulled her down the road and the walk wasn't enjoyable. Watch what she says after applying the methods you'll be taught in this course. This change talk place in a ...

This lady's dog pulled her down the road and the walk was a time of dread. Watch what she says and her surprised reaction after applying the methods you'll be taught in this course. Thi ...

This is feedback from people who I've personally worked with who have used the methods you'll learn in this course.

I designed this course for people who are not enjoying the walk with their dog the way they should be, their dog pulls them down the road, comes back when they want when off the leash and the walk i ...

The walk is an extremely important activity as it mentally stimulates your dog. Secondly, it releases pent up energy and is good exercise. Additionally and crucially it is a time when your dog can ...

During this video you'll learn step-by-step how to: Calm you dog so they are happy to go out without getting over excited. When they are in a balanced state of mind they will be listening t ...

In this video you'll learn: How to stop your dog from pulling on the leash. how to stop your dog from pulling you to lampposts and bushes. How to stop your dog from zig-zagging in front of ...

In this video I demonstrate a technique that: Stops dogs from pulling on the leash. Stops dogs from mouthing the leash And much more...

In this video I demonstrate another method that: Stops dogs from pulling on the leash. Gets a dog to look at your for direction instead of pulling you down the road. And much more...

A question that I get asked quite a lot is, “What can I do in order to get my dog to come back when they are off the leash?” During this video you'll learn: The best place to start re ...

During this video I show you step-by-step: How to teach your dog the 'come' command so that they come to you when off leash. And much more...

When you have got to the stage where you are able to let your dog off the leash, there are a few points that you need to remember so that your dog keeps their eyes on you rather than you on them. ...

Thank you very much for watching my course :) If you have found benefit and have enjoyed the lectures I'd be very grateful if you would write a review, it would really help me and other st ...

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