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Learn your roles & positions, improve your mechanics, and climb your rank!


Meet Henry Carney your course instructor for this expansive guide to the world of DOTA 2.

In this section Henry explains the main features and topics of his DOTA 2 course and how to navigate through the sections. He also goes over the minimum prerequisites for those wishing to take the cou ...

Henry walks you through what you should do before diving deep into the main parts of this DOTA 2 and ensures that you have played a few games before beginning this course.

Henry goes over the main points of Section 2 including, Starting out in DOTA 2, an overview of the Map, recommended hotkeys, hero types and positions.

In this segment Henry goes over a comprehensive overview of the mechanics and main elements of DOTA 2 game play. Don’t miss this section as it gives valuable insight on the main farm and offensive o ...

During this segment learn about the main locations on the map, their utility and the timings for taking offensive and defensive objectives.

Learn about the three types of Heroes in DOTA 2, Intelligence, Strength, and Agility and 3 basic strategies for farming based on these hero types’ abilities.

Discover the main hotkeys and game settings that you should focus on and refine them to your chosen play style. 

Get the inside scoop on Henry’s three favorite hotkeys in this activity designed to help you focus on developing stronger hotkey usage.

In this lecture Henry teaches you in detail about the 5 main positions that the pros in DOTA 2 and almost all players in the game use. Learn about the differences between Carry, Support, Mid, 2nd Supp ...

Henry instructs you on how to approach your next few games, focusing on specific roles and functions to lvlup your game.

Henry goes into depth on different aspects of the game. By the end of the section, you will know how each part of the game operates and how to prioritize to be most effective for your team. 

Ever wanted to learn the difference in type of attacks and why your attacks sometimes hit and other times misses? In this section Henry tells you where, when, and why to use each of the three types of ...

Various items are good for building at different stages of a game of DOTA 2. Henry will teach you in this lecture which items are good for various characters in the beginning, mid and late game.

Henry walks your through a few scenarios in which you want to try certain items and has you try them out in this activity.

Warding is an important part of DOTA 2, especially if you want to play at a high level. Learn where, when, and how to place wards and find out the timing for specific events that make warding crucial ...

In this lecture Henry teaches you the importance of Denying and other strategies for when you should play the lane and when you should transition to farming or roaming. 

For farming, playing the map is a crucial component to your DOTA 2 gameplay. In this section Henry teaches you in depth about the best practices and places to farm on the map, and how you can gain res ...

In this activity, Henry goes over how you should approach practicing your lane control and farming effectively.   

For many positions and players who get pushed “off lane” roaming is a necessary skill if you don’t want to lose your advantage to your opponents. Learn about your objectives when roaming and how ...

You may know the objectives by now, but in this section Henry shows you when you should strike at your opponent for each and the function of all the important objectives on the map. 

Fighting your opponents is one of the most devastating and fun parts of DOTA 2, in this section you will learn effective strategies for team fighting and how to view when it is a good or bad time to t ...

DOTA 2 is a game of strategy (it is an RTS after all) and being aware of what is happening in your surroundings, with your team, across the map, and with your enemies is critical. In this activity you ...

Henry shows what the first 5 mins of a game looks like as each position and discusses the mid and late game. By the end of the section, you should be confident in how to play your role effectively, sy ...

In this lecture Henry explains the entire timeline of a game of DOTA 2 and where and when various signifiers are happening that tell you if you are in the laning, mid, or late game phases of a match. ...

In this lecture Henry teaches the ins and outs of how to play the Safe Lane Carry position for the first 5ms of the laning phase up until the mid phase. 

In this lecture Henry teaches the ins and outs of how to play the Safe Lane Support position for the first 5ms of the laning phase up until the mid phase. 

In this lecture Henry teaches the ins and outs of how to play the Mid player position for the first 5ms of the laning phase up until the mid phase. 

In this lecture Henry teaches the ins and outs of how to play the Off Lane Carry position for the first 5ms of the laning phase up until the mid phase. 

In this lecture Henry teaches the ins and outs of how to play the Off Lane Support position for the first 5ms of the laning phase up until the mid phase. 

Learn how to play the late game in this Lecture for all the player positions and how the game transitions from going for resources and leveling towards taking down enemy objectives on your conquest to ...

In this activity you will practice the positions and roles you have learned throughout this section and apply your new knowledge by staying on lane. 

Henry explains his own rules for success and good habits to help you continually improve your gameplay. By the end of the section, you understand the general psychology of the game and what aspects yo ...

If your goal is to become a highly ranked player, you will want to pay extra attention to the lecture. Henry goes over the MMR system and his best practices that has helped him and many other players ...

Learning a game is one thing, but understanding the psychology of that game is another entirely. In this lecture Henry will teach you the best behavior practices and how to effectively work with a tea ...

In this segment Henry gives you his main rules for success that will lead you to good standing and higher ranking in the DOTA 2 community. 

In this section, Henry concludes the course and lets you know how to give feedback, where to find him, and things in the pipeline to look forward to. 

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