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Learn to draw this portrait using just one brush tool


In this drawing of the portrait you will learn about fine tuning your drawing strokes and understand more about color tones. We use just one brush tool called the 'shade' with no opacity set ...

This video is a quick guide on installing the app and getting started with Paintology

Loading the reference image into the Paintology canvas to enable you find tones using the color picker and also create accurate outlines for drawings.

You can set the background color of the drawing using this feature. Make sure to do this prior to the drawing.

The shade brush of the Paintology app is very versatile and allows you to make many types of drawings including portrait and also photo realistic drawings.

This short video will show you how to pick out colors using the trace bar and color picker.

There are a couple of ways to do the outline of the portrait. You can either load the 'ref - color.png' file into your Paintology app through the traced mode or the 'ref - outline.png&# ...

The drawing has been split into two parts.In this first part we start of doing the blocking and slowly start to add details. Try to follow the techniques I use to creating the details and these are us ...

In this second and final part of the drawing, we continue to build features on the face such as the wrinkles, beard, hair and other details that gives a 3 dimensional look to the face. Don't worr ...