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Learn to draw a dog portrait with pastel pencils and soft pastels. Learn step-by-step how to use a proportional divider


Students will be able to use a proportional divider.

Students will be able to assemble necessary pastel paper, pastel pencils, soft pastels, measuring dividers, and reference photo for the course.

Students will learn to shape the contours of the eyes and learn the way light reflects off the eyes.

Students will learn to draw shapes and create the illusion of form in the drawing.

Students will learn that shading with color adds depth and form to the shapes.

Students will learn how to blend and layer to form depth and contrast.

Students will learn to shade fur texture with color values of light and dark.

Students will understand the value of contrast between light and dark. Students will have a better grasp of forming fur details.

Students will develop and eye to see and compare values between the reference photo and artwork.

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