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Learn how to draw birds like an expert - quickly, easily and pain free


This is just a brief introduction to tell you what we will cover in this course.

Before we draw any birds, we have to understand bird anatomy. This video covers the basics.

Bird feet are a bit different from the feet of other animals. This video discusses the fundamentals - toe layout, joints and webbing.

Bird wings can be difficult and time consuming to draw, but if you want to draw birds this video is essential. The bird wing is comprised of numerous bones, muscles and feathers. This lecture teaches ...

In this video you will learn to draw a parrot's head from side view. There are about 370 species of parrot around the world, and they don't all look the same. So this focuses on one of the ...

Now that we've drawn a parrot's head, we can try something more challenging. In this video I teach you how to draw a parrot's body in a perched position. As with the previous video, t ...

Owls are one of the most popular birds to draw, and in this video you will learn to draw the bird's head from front view.

In this video we explore the owl's head again, but with some added complexity. We draw the owl's head at an angle. I recommend you watch the previous video before tackling this one, as the ...

This video features another owl drawing - this time it is the entire body. The owl is drawn in a standard position, with the body held almost horizontal. However, many of the proportions can also be ...

Penguins are quite different from other birds. They can't fly, and they are perfectly adapted to a life in the water. In this video you will learn how to draw the largest, and most impressive p ...

Despite being such a familiar bird, chickens can actually be a bit difficult to draw. Their heads in particular require a good attention to detail, and can vary considerably between males and female ...

The rest of the chicken's body is quite easy to draw relative to the complex head. This video explains how to draw a chicken's body.

Ducks are quite easy to draw. This is a good video if you want to build your skills and confidence with a little less effort.

Similar to the previous lecture, this is an easy and fun bird to draw.

The duck's body is a bit more challenging than the head. This video explains how to draw the duck's whole body.

Drawing an eagle's head from side view is easier than you may think. The techniques in this video will show you how master this majestic bird's appearance. If you struggle a bit with getting ...

It may not be as interesting or as cool as the eagle's head from side view, but this lecture will help you master the next lesson about drawing the eagle's head in 3D.

In the previous two videos you learned the proportions of the eagle's head from different views. In this video we combine that knowledge in a more three dimensional setting. This video will de ...

Birds bodies change shape quite dramatically when they are in flight. In this video you will learn a bit more about bird anatomy, making it easier for you to draw a bird in flight. We will also apply ...

Perched birds look very different from birds in flight. This video will explain how to draw an eagle in a perched position.

The European robin is a great representative of the songbirds, a group containing about 4,000 different bird species. A lot of them are small and cute, and the European is no exception!

This little exercise will help you to draw feathers from different angles.

Eyes are a special case when it comes to rendering. Getting eyes right will also add a lot of power to your bird drawings. That's why this lecture focuses exclusively on eyes, especially how th ...

This one was a response to a student request! This video shows you how to draw a hummingbird in mid-flight.

Thank you and good luck! I hope you enjoyed the course. :)

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