en PROFESSIONAL COURSES drawing course for total beginners from line to still life 5/5 (1)

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Master Pencil Drawing Fundamentals, Develop Your Drawing Skills, Take Your Hobby to the Next Level, Learn Easy Shading


In this lecture, students will get to know the instructor, who is the course for and what topics are covered.

Students will learn how Udemy review system works.

Students will learn what materials are needed for the course.

Students will get more explanation on the materials needed.

Students will get tips how to get the most out of the course.

After finishing this lecture, students will have greater understanding how artists see the world.

Students will understand that in order to draw well they need to KNOW what to pay attention at.

Students will be able to draw a realistic eye.

After finishing this lecture, students will understand the benefits of learning drawing.

This lecture is a summary of key points of the previous lectures.

Students will have a greater understanding of the basic elements of any drawing.

Students will get an Exercise sheet to make sure they DO all the exercises.

After this Lecture, students will be more confident in drawing.

After this lecture students will know how to fix their hands in order to draw straight, continuous lines.

Students will practice drawing lines.

Students will learn a little more pencil control.

Students will learn how to draw lines in order to get the shape they want to draw.

After this lecture students will have a useful tool for drawing contour lines.

After this drawing exercise students will be able to draw the contour lines of an object without any help.

After this lecture students will be able to find simple geometric shapes in complex shapes.

Students will get more examples on how to find basic geometric shapes in complex forms.

Students will learn how to measure objects by standard units.

Students will learn what is perspective.

Students will get information on how we are going to draw the still life

Students will be creating the composition grid to complete their artist window

Students will draw an appropriate stiil life by lines.

After completing this section, students will be aware of an easy and simple shading technique.

This lecture is dedicated to practicing the shading technique learnt in the previous lecture.

In this lecture students will add shading to the still life they have drawn.

Students will get tips to use their new skill.

Students will learn about the upcoming course topics.

Students will learn how to compose their own still lifes.

Students will learn how to measure the still life using standard units.

Students will look for the basic geometric shapes in the still life.

Students will learn what supplies we are going to use and how to sit during live drawing.

Students will learn how to place their objects on the paper.

Students will learn how to place the geometric shapes.

Studenst will outline the drawing.

Students will refine the outlines.

In this lecture we are going to define the shapes of the shadows.

In this lecture we are going to shade the shadows.

In this lecture we are going to shade the midtones.

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