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Create a beautiful sketches of natural objects


This course will focus on sketching skills to help beginners and those who just want to improve their drawing skills.Download your handout to complement to video course.

This course will focus on sketching skills to help beginners and those who just want to improve their drawing skills in drawing natural forms from real life.For this course you need:HB pencil, Rubber, ...

HB Pencil: Use HB pencil to create 3 beautiful drawingsI will talk you through the drawings you will be creating in HB Pencil in this section.

In this drawing we are going to draw this poppy head which is starting to break down. Its's lovely because you can see the structure of the poppy because the outer shell is starting to disintegra ...

In this drawing we will be drawing a lotus pod which is an amazing form. It's almost alien-like in its formation but lovely ranges of lights, darks and shapes. Follow the drawing and create your ...

So we will tackle a pinecone in this drawing. Take your time to really look at the shape and draw what you see, not what you think you can see.

Using a white pencil and darker coloured paper, we will draw three natural objects. It's an interesting technique as we will be picking out the detail in white.

Using a white pencil and dark paper, look at the shapes of the pumpkin and draw them in white. Then 'shade' using white. Enjoy!

Using your white pencil, pick out the shapes and moreover the textures of the sedum head.

Trace the delicate lines of the shell with your white pencil, building up a mesh of lines.

Use this fabulous combination of materials to create some lovely drawings. Use the pen to create the shapes and pencil to make the colour and shape appear.

Use the pen to create the delicate shapes of the fuscias and then bold colours to create the beautiful vibrant colours.

Create the rounded shapes in your pen and build up the bunch of berries. Then use the coloured pencil to create the bold colour and 'shine' on the berries.

Use the pen to draw in the shapes and then the contours of the stones. Use subtle colour to create the soft natural tones of the stones.

Thankyou so much for taking part in this Natural Forms Course. You can visit my website www.createartschool.co.uk for more information about me and my art school. I really hope you have enjoyed it and ...

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