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Discover how to draw and illustrate detailed autumn objects and scenes through sketching with pencil and pen & ink


Explaining what this Art Class is all about.

If you've never drawn before, it's good to learn some of the basics

Let's continue with these basics

Time to draw our first autumn object, the acorn

We'll keep on going with the acorn, but let's try a chestnut too

In this lesson we're going to finish the chestnut

A fun item to draw, but a small challenge too

Before we move to the second pinecone we need to master a helpful pen technique

Now that we know the random line technique we can draw the second pinecone in a more realistic way

What is autumn without leaves? Let's discover how yo draw some of them

We're continuing with the leaves

When autumn comes, you can find plenty of these, let's see how we can get this on paper

Time to ink the toadstool

More autumn goodies to draw

Since our final project will have some trees and branches, it's a good thing to practice them first

Time to put into action all that we've learned with this final project in 4 parts

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