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Easy & Fun Exercises That Develop Fundamental Drawing Skills


In this lesson I will share some basic line exercises that will help you improve your hand-eye coordination. You can think of these as calisthenics that help warm you up and get you prepared to draw.

In this lesson we will expand on the previous lesson, and exercises, by using a series of squares to master vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. This skill will help pinpoint your strength and wea ...

In this lesson we will start to develop your gradation techniques. Using squares and other shapes we will use a series of lines to create value ranges.

In this video I will recap everything we have covered to this point and give you an assignment to complete. It's important to get involved and follow through if you expect to improve.Recommended ...

In this lesson we will dive deeper into shading by creating a series of value scales. It's important to note that you want to complete these exercises with all of your favorite drawing mediums so ...

Now it's your turn to create some scales using your favorite drawing mediums.Here's the plan;create a 5 value scaledo this for each of your favorite drawing utensils as I mentioned previousl ...

In this lesson we will look at visual components which is a fancy term for 2D and 3D shapes. Every drawing is a series of decisions for how we get out idea down on the paper. In this lesson I will cov ...

In this lesson we will break down some of the basic shapes we can use to draw objects/subjects. Starting with 2D shapes and then illustration how we can add value/shading to make it a 3D shape.

In this lesson you will start to dive deeper into perspective. This is a key to drawing and should be understood and practiced regularly. Even when you have a grasp for it you never stop learning how ...

In this lesson we will review the 2D and 3D shapes and other info shared in the two previous lessons.

It's time to get to work. Check out the video fist and then complete the recommended exercises.

In this lesson you will learn a few tricks and tips for measuring your subjects using a pencil and an eyeball. The video explains how the get the best results.

In this video I will use simple shapes and other drawing ideas shared in this section to draw a simple coffee cup.I've uploaded my work along with the inspiration image if you care to take a stab ...

In this video I will draw a tube of paint using techniques shared in this section. Images are below and I recommend you get to work!

In this demo I will draw a hammer in perspective. This is a more challenging subject so expect to work a little harder to get it right.

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