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Learn easy to apply methods for mapping out face and neck structure. This course is beginner friendly.


Here is a list of drawing materials used in this course. You can use whatever you prefer but I thought I would at least share details on my materials in case you are curious.All of these materials can ...

There are two elements of the profile we need to discuss and they are the skull and mask of the face.Here are a few points I make in this lesson;The main shape of the skull is an egg. Slightly larger ...

In this video I will demonstrate the techniques discussed in the previous lesson.AssignmentComplete a series of six profile drawings that include three head sizes, and a left & right side angle.Note: ...

There are many techniques you can use to draw the front view of the skull and facial features. In this lesson we will discuss a some of those options and you can decide what works best for you.A few i ...

In this video I will demonstrate the techniques discussed in the previous lesson.AssignmentComplete a series of six front view drawings that include three head sizes and various techniques for locatin ...

In this video we will discuss how the head connects to the neck.Here are some key points shared in this tutorial;The digastric plane is the area under the chin that connects to the neck. This shape wi ...

In this video I will demonstrate neck drawing techniques discussed in the previous lesson.AssignmentComplete a series of nine drawings that include the neck from the profile view, three front views wi ...

In this lesson we will take a look at the back of the head. This can be a difficult view because it doesn't have all the facial features that help make the drawing interesting.Let's first de ...

In this video I will demonstrate five versions for drawing the back of the head using techniques we discussed in the previous lesson.AssignmentComplete a series of five drawings that include the back ...

In this lesson I will demonstrate several ideas for using the ear as a tool to help draw various head angles. Some of these techniques were shared in previous lessons but I feel this video will streng ...

In this lesson I will take some Master's works and illustrate some of the points we covered in this basic series.

In this lesson you will create a series of ten head drawings that will include some of the techniques we covered in previous lessons.Assignment GuidelinesComplete ten head drawingsBe sure to use the i ...

Here is my practice reel along with my thoughts on executing each pose.

In this lesson you will start your next phase of this journey; box construction. We will begin by breaking down some basic shapes to determine which one can furnish the best possible solution for indi ...

In this lesson we will start mapping-out facial features using the box construction idea. By the end of this video you will begin to understand the front and side planes along with some key landmarks.

In this lesson we will build on the previous box construction ideas that I shared in the previous videos.

In this tutorial we will continue adding the the box construction idea(s). By the end of the video you will have a good understanding of how to locate and place the main facial features.

Now we will take the box construction idea and see how it translates with different head angles. So applying the techniques and planes to the head when it's turned in various poses.

In this lesson we will continue to expand on the box construction method by using planes. When drawing the head it's important to always consider the front, sides, top and bottom of the forms so ...

In this lesson we will finish up with box construction. I hope that these ideas will help you better render the head by using simple shapes.

In this lesson you will put all the information you have learned together by creating a series of ten head drawings.Assignment GuidelinesComplete ten head drawingsIncorporate some of the intermediate ...

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