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How To Remember More Dreams, Understand Their Meaning, AWAKEN Inside Your Dreams, & Master Lucid Dreaming In 21 Lessons


Get an overview of what's in this course, the qualities you need to take this journey, and how to get the most out of it.

Dreams 'pop' easily if you don't review them as you wake up.  Learn how to maximize your dream time each night and the exact process, step by step, to remember your dreams.

Learn about how I came to be teaching this course and what Sleep Medicine, Psychology, Hypnosis, NLP and Dreaming all have in common.

All about how the brain functions when we are dreaming, what parts are active, which are suppressed, and how our emotional symbolic side has free rein while we dream.

You have mastered sleep stages and brain waves. Now you will learn about REM sleep, the history of sleep research, what different stages feel like, and how we cycle in 90-120 minute periods.

All about the unconscious mind from ancient times, through Freud and Jung, to what modern science has discovered about the powerful and surprising unconscious.

How people commonly experience dreams, why judgment is suspended, and why we don't generally have conscious control.

Dreams are full of meaning, have their own logic, and 'picture' the emotion of the dreams. learn what dreams are trying to communicate.

 Discover the language of dreams. Symbolic imagery and meaningful metaphors... dreams are full of important information.

The meaning of dreams is personal and has to do with the dreamer's life. Learn about men, women, and children's dreams and how to analyze your own.

Learn what causes nightmares, recurring dreams, and all about common disorders of sleep.

Learn about physically healing dreams, inspirational dreams with historical examples, creative and problem solving dreams, and how to incubate a dream.

Lucid and paranormal dreams, telepathic, precognitive and Déjà vu dreams, out of body experiences, spiritual or visitation dreams, and the idea of shared dreaming.

Start your dream work right by learning how to keep a dream journal, exactly what to write down, and how to understand the dream narrative and symbolic meaning as it relates to you.

Start your lucid dream training with the scientific history and modern research on lucidity, how they prove people are asleep and lucid, and about some amazing discoveries.

Discover what the lucid dream experience is like, what people commonly do while lucid, and what often lets people know they are dreaming.

All about thinking and feeling in a lucid dream, how lucidity can feel exactly like reality, and about your access to waking memories and levels of control.

Learn lucid dream techniques, step by step how to reality test, recognize dream signs, why you'll start questioning reality, and how to 'set your intention' before you go to sleep.

Induction techniques step by step, how to do the DILD, WILD, Mnemonic-Induction, Cycle Adjustment Technique, Wake Back To Bed, and how to deepen lucidity when you achieve it.

Technology and supplements for lucid dreamers, various lucid dream induction devices, and vitamins, herb, and supplements that possibly increase the chance of a lucid dream.

Common unusual experiences that can happen in dreams and lucid dreaming like sleep paralysis, false awakenings, lucidity of other characters, outside consciousness, and out of body experiences.

Why lucid dreaming could get you to question reality, using lucid dreams as a path toward spiritual enlightenment, and review what you have now mastered in the Dream Lab.