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The basics for talking like a dummy


The origin, basics, and illusion of ventriloquism.

Exercises to develop voice projection and to extend speaking duration

How to properly position your mouth, lips, and jaw to prevent lip movement and to project your ventriloqual voice.

Which letters of the alphabet do not require lip movement.

How to use sound substitution to pronounce the labial letters without lip movement for the W, Y, V, and F sounds.

How to use sound substitution to pronounce the labial letters without lip movement for the B, P, and M sounds.

How to give the illusion that a voice originates from a distant source.

Give your puppet character and history.

The different types of puppets available for your show.

How to position your puppet for your act.

How to effectively deliver a joke.

How to prepare yourself mentally and physically for your show.

How to get shows and business.

A real ventriloquial act!

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