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Discover a Unique and Fun method to creating abstract art, using my 7 Step Approach.


Welcome to "7 Step Method to Abstract Painting". Below you'll find a supply list and an eBook Guide for this course. This strategy evolved over a few weeks as I wrestled with a wild painting, af ...

In this lecture I'll show you how to get started in this process.

Learn how I create puzzled interlocking shapes.

Watch as I choose colors and create shapes.

In this lecture you'll be adding the mid-tones.

This might be the most Fun Lecture in the Course, you get to get messy!

Now you get to share the mess you just created.

Well you've almost reached the end, now it's time to do some editing, and bring everything together.

You'll be continuing the process you started in the previous lecture, getting closer to a finished painting.

In this final lecture you will complete your abstract painting following the 7 Step Method.

I noticed a lot of you are having some difficulties in the last steps, so I created a "redo" of 5 & 6 to better explain how to handle any problems you might run into.

Please join us on FaceBook you'll find the link in the lecture.

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