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How to explore Egypt like a local & create a personalized Travel Planner


An introduction to the country of Egypt.

Discover the history of Egypt.

Explore fun facts about Ancient Egypt.

Dive into the culture and traditions of Arab culture, and explore Egypt's capital city of Cairo.

Explore the language(s) of Egypt and the general standard of living.

Explore religious and secular holidays, and the delicious food culture of Egypt.

Students are introduced to the only remaining Ancient Wonder of the World: The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Discover the history and fun facts of Giza.

Students explore the construction of the Great Pyramid and what is inside this ancient structure.

Students discover the history of the Pharaohs, their role in society and the most famous Pharaoh - Cleopatra.

Students summarize what they learned about Giza.TRAVEL JOURNAL QUESTIONS:What (and who!) is inside the Great Pyramid of Giza?How long did it take to build, and how many men did the construction requi ...

Students summarize what they learned. TRAVEL JOURNAL QUESTIONS: When and where did people first settle in Egypt?What are the official and unofficial languages of Egypt?Why did men and women wear make ...

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