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How to look and feel better?


Face Yoga with Leni is about anti-aging techniques, key facial exercises, sample of Relaxation Massage and as a bonus you can experience also Facial Cupping and Eye Care Yoga.

Let me introduce you this lovely MORNING EXERCISE which is great to charge your batteries already in the morning.Step 1 - Put your palms in the middle of your forehead and gently pull across to your ...

DOLLMuscular areas: neckThis exercise is aimed at strengthening the side and back muscles of the neck, the neck will be toned and elastic, wrinkles will be softened. At the same time it forces us to h ...

HIPPOMuscular areas: neck, chinI consider this exercise one of the keyones. It effectively strengthens the muscles in the front of the neck and chin. It smooths and strengthens the skin, increasing th ...

WOLFMuscular areas: muscles on the jaw-bone, neckThis exercise is very good if you have flabby contours on your face. It also helps to form the lower chin and the middle neck.How to exercise:tilt your ...

LIONMuscular areas: chin, neck, cheeksThis exercise strengthens not only muscles in the neck and cheek, but especially the lower chin.If you have a double chin, this exercise is crucial for you.How to ...

LIZZARDMuscular areas: lips, muscles around the mouthBy practicing this exercise, the area surrounding the lips will firm up, the wrinkles above the upper lip are softened.How to exercise:place your l ...

SOUR SMILEMuscular parts: cheeks, face contoursThis exercise is very important for most women, it strengthens and forms the lower part of the cheeks and contour of the face.How to exercise:inhale, spr ...

SMILE PLEASEMuscular areas: cheeksThis important exercise forms firm and round cheeks, softens nasolabial wrinkles.How to exercise:put your index fingers under your eyessmile with all your strength an ...

HAMSTERMuscular areas: cheeks, face contoursThis exercise will strengthen and improve the muscles of the lower part of the cheeks, while at the same time strengthening the contours of the face – as ...

LETTER UMuscular areas : muscles around the mouthThis exercise smoothes out nasolabial wrinkles very nicely.How to exercise :place your fingers about halfway across the cheek at the mouth levelgently ...

EYESMuscular area: eyeThis exercise strengthens the orbicularis oculi muscles. With regular exercise it is possible to strengthen the muscles and smooth the skin around the eyes for a more radiant loo ...

BULL Muscular part: foreheadThis exercise shapes the forehead and softens horizontal wrinkles as well as wrinkles from frowning. It also helps to remove the bad habit of furrowing the forehead.How to ...

RELAXATION MASSAGEIf you wish to go for relaxation massage, go for gentle and smooth, slowly movements.If you wish to go for energetic massage, energize yourself through brisky and fast movements.Bene ...

EYE CARE YOGASTEPS TO FOLLOW: Each step repeat 5 times.1. Have a look up and down.2. Have a look right and left.3. Have a look up right and down left and left up and right down.4. Move your eyes from ...

Is one of the most effective method which is used as natural way of anti-aging techniques. We distinquish silicone and glass cups.Benefits:· Relax muscle tension· Strengthen skin and connective tiss ...

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