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When we understand how to receive support, we may attract the right people and circumstances to create abundant success!


Feng Shui practitioner Nicolette Vajtay, of Inspired Living Feng Shui in Los Angeles, and Feng Shui Practitioner Ann Bingley Gallops of Open Spaces Feng Shui in Brooklyn, come together to bring you ...

With an overview of the Travel & Helpful People sector, you will be prepared to make empowered changes in your home right away. This sector is key to being supported by your wealth, in your career ...

The Travel & Helpful People sector is located at the front of the home, making it easy to step out into the world to network and connect with the many people that support you on your path. It is al ...

As Feng Shui practitioners we are trained to see how energy in your space supports you, and how the energy may deplete your ability to move forward in life. You’re always affected by your envir ...

Okay, by now you know a lot about this sector and how to shift some things in your home or office ... but WHY should I enhance the energy here? What's the point? What's the benefit? ...

Every house is different so how you enhance this sector will depend on which room falls in this Sector in your own home. Explore the different rooms with us including an office, kitchen, living roo ...

Clutter may have a debilitating effect on you, including holding you back from what you want to create in the world. In this video you'll learn about the effect clutter has on you and how you ...

The "tantric" part of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui is that this sage wisdom was passed down secretly from teacher to student. Teachers were honored with the gift of red envel ...

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