en PROFESSIONAL COURSES flying the new lockheed martin f 35b aoa sim 5/5 (1)

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Something different VTOL and STOL in a supersonic jet fighter/ bomber.


The VR headset is fantastic, you really are in the aircraft and looking around.

This aircraft is available for everyone to download. One of the most challenging aircraft to fly. A brand new state of the art aircraft.

Like no other aircraft the brand new F 35 is the new MUST HAVE for the worlds air forces.

Landing the aircraft as a normal jet is straightforward. However transition to the hover needs to be practiced. Nozzle should not be moved from horizontal above 200 knots. If you transition too early ...

Battery ON, Gen ON, Avionics ON, Fuel ON and press play.

A quick flight from Nice in the south of France to the helipad at Monaco.

A short flight to Inverness transitioning into the hover on arrival with a bit too much fuel.

Let's see if we can land on the top of Britain's highest mountain.

Fuel management in this aircraft is very important as is nozzle transition timing. In this lecture we almost run out of fuel and it is in the RED ZONE on touch down. What did I do wrong that would hav ...

Taking off with too much fuel means you are overweight on arrival and unable to land vertically.

To stay at the top of your game you need to practice hovering as much as you can.

In this flight we go off to North Africa from Gibraltar and do some low level mountain flying in cloud to demonstrate the TFR, and the auto pilot.

You should always carry enough fuel to reach your destination and some extra incase you have to divert. This is what you have to do if you don't have enough.

Lots of concentration and you really can land the bird on an oil platform.

Sit back and enjoy the flight. See if you can plot the route.

Sit back and enjoy the flight. See if you can plot the route.

Landing on the Queen. Rubbish fuel endurance.

At max take off weight we have 18 mins to find a tanker? What if we go off over weight?

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Terrain-following radar (TFR) is a military aerospace technology that allows a very-low-flying aircraft to automatically maintain a relatively constant altitude above ground level and therefore make d ...

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