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Learning to fly fast jets.


F-22 is a free download from X-Plane 11 and I am flying it in VR. You can fly it too if you know the basics. Please see my Cessna beginners learn to fly course then you simply apply what you know to o ...

If the flaps become a problem you can simply land without flaps.

Low flying via loch Lomand and loch ness.

Flight modelExtremely manoeuvrablePitch vectoring engine nozzlesCarefree handling to any AOA (Angle Of Attack)Super cruise to Mach 1.8+ without afterburner

If you look closely at the replay the airspeed dropped below 300 knots and the gear automatically lowered in the turn causing control loss.

If you look back to the last lecture as we loose control and eject when the automatic gear has dropped. Whereas in this video we deliberately lower the gear in the turn. we get the same control loss a ...

Accident avoidance. Do not allow the aircraft to drop below 300 knots in flight unless the wings are level.

Low and slow handling under 300 knots with the wheels down.

Low and slow handling under 300 knots with the wheels down. Note the wheels flaps and gear operate automatically but there is an override switch for all. you can switch them to manual.

The Raptor can achieve very high angles of attack but that is not the trick any more, lots of jets can do that now. What the Raptor brings to the game is not just high AOA but absolute control and imm ...

Here we go again Battery and avionics failure but this time high and close enough to get back.

Quick flight over to GMTN landed a bit short in the bad viz.

After re fuelling air to air it is now possible to fly much further. The aircraft is too heavy to take off with full tanks.

Fuel dumping (or a fuel jettison) is a procedure used by aircraft in certain emergency situations before a return to the airport shortly after take off, or before landing short of the intended destina ...

Learn to relax. play your favourite music and just fly low level where you like and practice the perspective.

If you go over mach 1 and pull too much G force the aircraft will become broken.

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