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Flying the Mk9 Spitfire in VR. X-Plane 11.


I was very sad to see this, as I flew this actual aircraft about 150 hours in the late 1990's. This happens quite unexpectedly on tail wheel aircraft. The Wilga is a STOL (Short take off and land ...

Starting off with the bad points. As any tail wheel pilot knows, Ground looping is the dread of every pilot. Some aircraft are more susceptible than others. The worst case tail dragger is the high per ...

Tail wheel pilots have their own techniques for take off and landing. This one works for me.

Flying the Spitfire is easy, the hard bit is the take off and landing. Pilots go round and round when training doing circuits and bumps. I advise you to turn the wind off on the sim until you have got ...

IT is 30 years ago since a Second World War Spitfire was flown underneath a bridge over the River Tees. At 250mph, the plane skimmed just a couple of feet above the tea-brown Tees in a daring stunt fo ...

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