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Learn how to make 16 fondant sea life themed characters plus all accessories


The introduction to the Under the Sea cake tutorial.

How to model a dolphin

How to model a clown fish

How to model a Stingray

How to model a puffer fish

How to model a jelly fish

How to model the swordfish

How to model a hermit crab

How to model a seahorse

How to model the starfish

How to model a blue tang fish

How to model an octopus

How to model the shark - Part One

How to model the shark - Part Two

How to model a crab

How to model the turtle

How to model a lobster

How to model a whale

How to make all the accessories and decorations on the cake

How to make all the accessories and decorations on the cake

How to make all the accessories and decorations on the cake

Conclusions and Pro Info for the Under the Sea cake tutorial

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