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Taught by Trainer/Author Kim Mayes CPDT-KA, CTDI


Learn the basics on how you should set up practice sessions with your dog.

Learn what motivates your dog and the basics of food rewards.

Collars, harnesses, leashes and more! What should I start training with and what you should avoid.

Teach your dog the foundation skill of SIT.

An extremely useful foundation skill used to help your dog focus. Everything starts with eye contact!

A fun game to help strengthen the Sit cue (as well as any other cues you might want to apply it to in the future) and help your dog generalize information better.

Teach your dog to lay down on cue.

Teach your dog to Stand on cue.

Push-ups are a great warmup for your dog, can help get a little energy out and are great practice for you to get better with your hand signals!

One of the most useful of household cues, the "Go to Your Mark" cue can be used for a variety of household issues and be used to strengthen many other skills.

Teach your dog the foundation behavior of Leave-It. This version is a must have for the dog that gives no personal space and would take something right from your hand!

This more advanced version of the Leave-It shows how to teach your dog to deter from unwanted or dangerous items.

This video will show you how to start teaching the STAY cue in your first initial practices by rewarding the calm behavior.

Learn how to teach the foundation of a Stay cue. In this part you will learn how to add a release word in.

How to have a little fun and add distance and distractions to those Stays.

All the tips and tricks you need to get a more reliable recall.

Learn how to classically condition your dog to understand that keeping the leash slack is a good thing.

This basic hand targeting cue will help you tremendously when you start the process of teaching your dog cues for a loose leash walk. A prominent visual target is very helpful when adding distractions ...

Once you have spent time on the first 2 parts of the Loose Leash Walking section, it is time to start giving your dog a verbal and visual cue for the behavior you want.

Teach your dog this patience builder where they must wait politely for you to put the food bowl down.

A life-saving skill, waiting at doorways is an important patience builder. Learn how to pick up on your dog's triggers and work through them.

This video shows you how you should approach the issue of your dog stealing items and how to teach the Drop It cue.

This fun game shows you how to teach your dog to settle quicker and for longer periods of time.

One of our favorite impulse control games! A fun addition to your "Go to Your Mark" cue.

Some quick tips on what you can do on walks and in your home to start discouraging jumping.

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