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Master Fortnite from gameplay mechanics to overall game sense, building, and late-game strategies.


Meet Derek "Dwrecked" Lamensdorf, your Fortnite teacher. Dwrecked has been a Top 500 player for several seasons running and reached a peak Kill/Death ratio of 8. Dwrecked has around 100,000 subscriber ...

Understand what you'll be learning, and where to go within the course to find specific information.

For our first activity, let's take a look at your game stats and see where you can improve. This will also serve as a milestone to show you how far you've progressed as you continue to impro ...

Many players look to Pro's when trying to figure out what sensitivity to use, when in reality the sensitivity you use is hyper-specific to you, and you alone. Using the same sensitivity as NICKME ...

Dwrecked goes through the best methods for finding a sensitivity that works well for you.

In this activity, you'll update your newfound sensitivity and hit the firing range to make sure it's perfect for you.

Let's talk about how you can customize your button bindings to benefit your gameplay.

Playing on a controller means that you can customize your controls a little differently than PC players, learn the best key binds for competing against top tier players.

With so many settings within the game, it's hard to know what's important. This lesson goes over the best possible settings to optimize your gameplay.

If you have a controller with paddles it opens up a whole new range of keybinding possibilities. Learn the possible options for customizing your controller in this lesson.

Now that you've learned the different options, it's time to actually update your settings!

What you can expect to learn in this section.

Let's learn about bloom, a firing mechanic in Fortnite (and many other shooter games) that severely affects your accuracy.

Understand the difference between different aiming methods, and learn how professional players increase their accuracy by abusing in-game aim assist.

This activity is designed to help you take the updated sensitivity you found in section 2 and practice the different types of shots you'll have to take within a typical game.

The best practices for setting up accurate shots.

Do you really need to carry an SMG? Learn about how to prioritize your loadout.

Sniping drills to increase the percentage of your shots that hit an enemies head.

Understanding bullet drop and how the notches in your scope and tell you where to aim when shooting from a distance.

"Leading" is when you shoot where your enemy isn't, in anticipation of them being there by the time the bullet gets there.

"Peek Snipes" are the only safe way to take shots at your enemies without exposing yourself to potential damage.

The best way to hit leading snipe shots is to understand the way players move in the game- learn how to anticipate player movement to improve sniper accuracy.

Learn how to execute one of the most popular rushing techniques in the game, the double wall/ramp.

Learn the differences and benefits of different build styles.

Understand the most common mistakes players make and learn the steps necessary to avoid them.

The 90 degree turn is one of the most used builds in the game, mastering this and the builds in the following sections will give you a leg up against your competitors.

The most effective method for rushing enemies, taking high ground, and maintaining high ground when in build battles.

When you'e ramp rushing, you leave your top-side completely exposed- learn how to perform scissor ramps to negate that exposure.

How to use scissor ramps in-game to come out on top in 99% of enemy engagements.

Learn the best practices for starting "engagements" or battles in Fortnite.

Learn how to take advantage of high ground when you have it, and the best ways to make sure your enemies stay on the low-ground.

Whether you hate him or love him, Fortnite Professional Tfue has invented some great ways to rush enemies. Let's talk about the "Tfue Classic"

Ever been building your heart out only to find an enemy has somehow snuck his way into your 1x1? Here's how you can do it too.

We can't always have high ground, here are some tactics and tips for playing successfully from low ground.

RIP Glider Redeploy: Whether you were a fan of it or not, you need to learn how to do ladder drops to avoid fall damage now that it's gone.

Now that we've learned how to get above your enemy with scissor ramps, let's discuss how to stop enemies using it against you.

One of the more common methods to stop an enemy in his or her tracks is coning- learn what it is, and how to use it in your favor.

Cones are one of the most versatile builds in the game, learn how you can use cone edits to retake high ground.

In this lesson, Dwrecked teaches you how to navigate cones at the highest speed possible- without exposing yourself to potential damage.

Now that we know how to use them, let's talk about the best way to get out of them when an enemy uses this play against you.

Combine two of the recent builds you've learned and master this powerful rushing technique.

Ever wonder why you can't get through those windows that everyone else seems to not have an issue with? Here's why.

Turtling is a key part of any professional game- it's the best way to avoid damage completely. Let's take a look at this method and how to best to execute it.

What to do when you're in a box and your enemy wont stop laying bullets into you.

Use this technique to get the drop on your enemies and finish them before they know you're there.

Dwrecked explains how to do triangle wall edits to surprise your opponents and hit more shots.

Walls can be edited in several different ways, learn how to create windows in your walls to take quick shots- and close them before the enemy can return fire.