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Computer science Udemy

Build a server-side RESTful API with Coldbox (Merapi) 29.99 €

Build modern ColdFusion apps with Coldbox (Coldbox 6.5 , Lucee 5.3, MySQL 5.7)

Photography Udemy

Amazing Eyes FREE

Four methods for creating amazing eyes in Photoshop.

Internet Udemy

Personal Branding • The Power Of Visual Storytelling 149.99 €

Who are you as an individual or business, & what is the unique message, product, or service you have to offer the world?

Business Coursera

Reports, Dashboards, and Customer Success in Salesforce Paid Course

The fourth course in the Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate — Reports, Dashboards, and Customer Success in Salesforce — is for anyone who is curious about entry level sales roles...

Business Coursera 113 views

Content Strategy for Professionals: Ensuring Your Content's Impact Paid Course

In the fourth course of the Content Strategy Specialization - Ensuring Your Content's Impact - you will look at visual communication and the ways you can be more effective with your font choices,

Music Udemy

The Fun and Effective Piano Course 24.99 €

They laughed when I wrote these lessons but when they heard my sudents play… want to get compliments on your playing?

Computer science Udemy

Learn how to be safe on the internet FREE

What we all need to know before trusting a website we interact with

Photography Udemy

Complete Guide: Create Your Custom At Home Filming Setup 84.99 €

Build A Budget Friendly Filmmaking Studio Using Professional Cinematography, Video Production & Videography Techniques

School Udemy

General Biology practice Exam 24.99 €

Simple way to master your biology class

Computer science Udemy

How To Become A Cyber Security Consultant 74.99 €

Gain The Knowledge & Resources To Perform Like The Top Consultants

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