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The Complete Dog Obedience Training Course To A Fantastic Life With Your Dog.


Course Introduction The focus of the course is on YOU understanding all the different situations you may end up in and their solutions. So to prevent distractions you will not see many puppies in ...

Don't Get Caught Up In The Hype Everything you need to know to avoid getting caught up in the hype!

Narrowing Down Your Choices When considering a dog there are a few things you should discuss. Find out what they are here.

Allergies There is a lot more to allergies and dogs than "hypo-allergenic" or not. All the useful tips and advice on what to do and what to avoid.

Limitations Find out what limitations can be placed on you when you are considering getting a new dog or puppy.

Home Preparations Time to puppy proof your home!

Where To Look How to narrow down the options when looking for a new dog or puppy.

Buying Your Puppy It's important to take your time when choosing a puppy. It's a long term commitment. Don't you want to make sure it's the right one?

Buying An Older Dog There is a lot to consider when buying an older dog. Find out what you need to know and what you absolutely MUST AVOID.

What To Buy Before You Bring Your Puppy Home Find all the useful tips before you bring your puppy home.

How To Take Your Puppy Home This is one of the most commonly asked questions! Find the answer here.

Choosing The Right Dog Food Outlined here are some useful tips to choosing the right food. For unbiased expert advice visit: http://petfoodnutrition.com

Introduction To Walking Your Puppy Learn the best ways to walk your dog and what you must absolutely AVOID doing!

Naming Your Puppy If you have trouble naming your puppy, observe your puppy for a few days and maybe a name will come to mind. If you're all out of ideas, check out our website for insp ...

Your First Vet Visit What is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as well as VERY CRUCIAL to know!

Introducing Your Puppy To Other Pets How and when to do this with the utmost success!

Feeding Your Puppy Find out the best ways to feed your puppy and how to avoid common mistakes.

When Can I Give Treats? A lot of people love giving treats to their dog. But is this a good option? Find out more here.

Important Family Discussion Sit down and discuss a few house rules. Find out what you need to discuss here.

Puppy Proof Your Home It's time to puppy proof your home, if you have not done this already. Find out all the things you will need to do here.

Understanding The 7 Principles In order to be successful in training your dog and having them behave the way you want them to, it often means you have to make some adjustments in your life. ...

Who's The Alpha? What does this mean and why is it so important to your life with your dog?

Physical And Invisible Boundaries You should have some boundaries in place for your dog, whether physical boundaries or invisible ones. A dog that feels safe and secure is a happy dog.

Communication Communication with your dog is very important because you need to make your dog understand what is expected of him. Positive re-enforcement/re-direction is the best way to adj ...

Disciplining Your Dog If your dog is misbehaving, there is a reason for it. Learn the best ways to help your dog be the best he can be!

The Most Important Principle Please watch for all the important details!

Social Dogs love our attention. Period. Check out some good tips on making this work, no matter your life style.

Structure Dogs love structure. Watch the video for great tips on how to create a working structure within your home.

Crate Training Crate training will greatly speed up the potty training for a puppy.

My Secret Jump Start Method Excellent tips for the fastest potty training for your puppy!

Potty Training In An Apartment Or Condo Potty training in a multiple dwelling unit can be a bit of a challenge, as the puppy needs to eliminate quite frequently in the beginning. Here are th ...

Puppy Safety Puppies are puppies and will get into things. Learn the best ways to keeping them safe inside and out of your home.

Train Your Puppy Right, Right Now Start training your puppy or dog from the moment it's yours. You'll have your puppy trained the right way the first time.

Walking Your Puppy You may think you can pick up a new puppy and walk it right away. Here are the things you NEED to know BEFORE you take your puppy for its first walk.

Stop The Biting Puppies love being around us, but they don't always know how to express that, some even bite a lot, to a point where it becomes very frustrating. So how do we stop them ...

Growling With The Intent To Bite Or Attack When your dog is growling a lot you have to figure out WHY and WHEN it is happening to come up with a solution, as growling may turn into aggression a ...

Chewing Puppies go through a teething and chewing stage. Learn the best ways to get through it with ease.

Digging If your dog is digging in your yard and you don't want them to do this, you may have to ask yourself this question...

Barking Dogs bark for many reasons. Figure out WHY and WHEN your dog is constantly barking.

Jumping Learn the best ways to stop your dog from jumping.

Grooming, Brushing & Bathing Find out the best WHEN and HOW of brushing, bathing etc.

Pet Insurance Many pet insurance companies will allow you to pick your own monthly payment, but that will affect your deductible and/or the percentage of their coverage. Not every company will ...

Puppy Maintenance The day to day care of your puppy or dog.

Considering A Rescue Dog If you are able to, please consider a dog from a shelter or from a family who no longer is able to take care of a dog and save a life! Learn when NOT to get a rescue ...

Playtime Is Over When your dog is having fun and is running around loose, calling them and making them come to you when playtime is over may become a negative thing if that's the only time ...

Registering Your Dog Find out the legal restrictions you must abide by within your local community.

Microchip Find out about microchipping your dog. What is it, why is it important and when should you do this.

Exercising/Jogging With Your Puppy Find out if it is okay to run with your puppy, when to start and what potential problems can arise.

Crucial Issues At Home This is an extremely important video! Do not overlook this one!

Frequently Asked Questions Video This video course has been designed to help you understand and train your dog from a real life, every day person perspective. The course provides many practical ...

When Is The Best Time To Start Doggie Class? There are many different views on when is the best time to start classes. Here are some helpful tips.