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New and fun ways to keep your kids busy on a budget


An introduction to our course.

Session 1 includes highlighting an activity for kids using masking tape and matchbox cars.

Session 2 includes an engaging activity for a sunny summer day or warm fall day using chalk and a sponge. 

Chalk Dress Up is Session 3's content. This is a new way to play dress up using chalk and old clothing. 

Paper towel tube drop is an activity for the toddlers and pre-school children in your lives. It consists of using a paper towel tube, masking tape and pom poms.

Session 5 describes an activity for young children which includes pipe cleaners and a colander. 

Sugar tray writing provides a way for your children to practice their ABC's or work on handwriting in a new tactile way. 

This session highlights an activity you can add to your child's next slumber party or "camp" on a rainy day inside. 

A different approach to bowling using materials found around your home.

If your kids love badminton or volleyball this engaging activity will keep them busy!

Have an old pool noodle laying around? You can use this to create a race track to keep your kids engaged. 

Paper airplane landing is an activity combining paper airplanes and a target. 

If your kids say "I'm bored, there's nothing to do!" or "What do I do next?" this activity would be great to implement with the children in your lives. 

This session will show you a different approach to creating a reading nook.

Want to spark a bit of creativity in your kids? Using a trash bag and markers kids can create masterpieces.

This session shows a new approach to painting. It is even mess free!

Looking for something to calm your kids? Session 16 will show you the sensory bottle and how it works. 

Session 17 will give you a different way to practice ABCs, sight words or spelling words. 

Do you have a struggling reader? Reading buddies can be a way to get your kids reading without the pressure of reading perfectly.

Session 19 gives you a fun craft for kids of any age. 

Crab art is a creative way to document your child's handprints.

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