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Learn core concepts and practical skills to transform your yard or community garden plot into a productive wonderland.


Soil Assessment: How to know what you're working with

Learn what to look for as you choose or take over your garden plot. This can be perennial or annual plants that you might want to keep if they are assets to the garden that you want to have in the fut ...

The basics of mapping your garden space, including taking note of traits like soil quality, slope, how you will access your garden, and how you will meet the basic needs of your garden like water s ...

Some tools and strategies on how to document your garden, including materials that are helpful and convenient ways to remember what you planted and where. 

Assess Your Garden Soil:  Inspect the soil with your hands and your other senses, looking for healthy soil and determining how to tell the difference between the soil particle sizes: Sand, Silt, an ...

Taking a look at soil that has been amended. Learn to assess different materials you find in healthy soil like different insects and types of plant residues. 

Benefits and Functionality of Cover Crops. How and why to keep your soil covered including examples: Sweet potato, peas, vetch, alfalfa. 

The characteristics of Annual Plants, including some visual examples from the garden. 

Perennials defined with visual examples and their role in your garden. 

The difference between Hybrid and Heirloom seeds explained. Germination Rate defined. 

What kind of soil/germination material to buy for your seed starting trays. Brief explanation of the different types of materials used in seed starting mixes. 

Demonstration and Explanation of how to plant tomato seeds in a seed starting tray with tips and strategies to avoid some common problems/beginner mistakes. 

Description of the conditions that your seeds need to germinate and strategies to maintain them until your seeds sprout. 

An Introduction to your new friends, the Pick, the Garden Fork and the Shovel and what garden tasks they are best suited for. 

Tips and Demonstration of how to use the garden tools introduced in the last video. 

Demonstration and Description of planting style for Lavender. 

Detailed description and demonstration of how to transplant a young plant into your garden, including how water and use mulch to minimize weeding. 

A walk through the garden to with an explanation of how to harvest tomatoes and hot peppers. 

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