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A beginner's guide to lap dancing


Hello! I am so happy to have you here! 

Welcome to the Lap Dance for beginners course! 

This video will go over how to approach practicing for the best course experience.

The proper chair is important for lap dancing. 

This is a basic move that you can do standing in front of your partner or in your lap dance

This video goes over how to do your most important move!

You gotta make an entrance!  This video will show you how to walk in like a queen. 

Now it is time to put ti together!

This move will show you how to position our partner in the chair for your best lap dance!

This move will show you how to seduce your partner with just your hand.

A key lap dance move done facing your partner.

Now it is time to put it together! 

This dance move helps you turn slowly and seductively.

A classic lap dance move that he will love. 

An add on to the basic Grinding move.

If he gets too excited, you are gonna need this move. 

You are gonna get tired. It will happen. But this move is your saving grace!

Now it is time to put it together! 

Now it is time to put it together! 

Super sexy move that gives your partner a great view!

Perfect way to exit from the Recliner.

Congrats!  You did it! 

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