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Targeting Product and Service Designs to Customers' Needs


Professor Peter Jackson explains how measuring the need involves taking product or service functional requirements and translating them into measurable performance targets.

This presentation explores the various roles of stakeholders in the project.

Professor Peter Jackson shares a personal experience where he took on the role of apprentice while contracted to develop software for a company.

In this presentation, Professor Peter Jackson discusses practical techniques for collecting customer comments. He then provides examples of a contextual inquiry for the toy catapult.

Use this resource to build your understanding of the affinity process.

In this presentation, Professor Peter Jackson walks you through the four steps of the goal-question-metric method.

Using the toy catapult as an example, this presentation presents a step-by-step approach to ranking product or service objectives.

In this presentation, Professor Peter Jackson discusses how the house of quality technique improves communication between your design and engineering teams.

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