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A course for students to learn basic plant based recipes which are also gluten free, dairy, fish meat and egg free.


An overview of the basic equipment that would be useful to have for this course.

A brief lesson on how to chop vegetables, with techniques to practice and safety tips.

A basic dishes of roast vegetables to use as a basis of many meals.

A basic recipe for vegan butter which will save money and taste better than shop bought butter.

A few tips  on garlic which I  wish I had learned as an apprentice and garlic.

A firm  plant based cheese that crisps up nicely when cooked but good in many things from salad to corn bread.

The only gluten free flour mix you will need. Can be varied to suit your taste and dietary needs

An over view of some vegetables proteins we use in the course.

A brief description of beans and pulses and uses.

Two recipes to get your smoothie fix going. Great at anytime of day, not just breakfast.

Grains can taste boring, it's a fact. Learn these simple basics and create many new and exciting recipes with just a few new cooking methods your grains.

The full video version for grains with tips and how too.

A very useful basic recipe that can be used in countless recipes to add flavour, freshness and depth to dishes.

A basic  tomato recipe that can be used many ways and in many combinations, with examples in the course.

Sauces to dress salads are very useful and add that hit of flavour you were not expecting. A lemon, red wine and Asian style dressing to suit many dishes.

A classic recipe now evolved for vegans to enjoy. With countless variation it is a great recipe to learn.

An easy fruit sauce with a twist, from the spices.

A  useful basic chocolate recipe that can be used in the base of many recipes, from truffles to sauces.

A very useful rich and creamy curd for use in many cakes or desserts.

One of the most popular recipes in the world, this basic  dahl recipe has fantastic flavour and can be adjusted to suit your taste buds.

A beautiful  fragrant rice dish that will have you making this dish again and again.

Most people love a good Bolognaise, and with this meatless version TVp is the main protein and even the kids won't notice.

A Tandoori style dish with tofu, also great with mushroom.This a rich vegan butter tomato sauce.

A childhood favourite of many this time reinvented  with garlic, parsley and homemade cheese.Try with some lemon to fully appreciate.

Felafel that is light, fresh and vibrant and healthy. Try with a quinoa and herb salad, and flat bread.

A simple bread to make very quickly. Beats the supermarket version and will save you money.

A corny  firm favourite that will get devoured. Try with chilli butter and a green salad.

A simple base  muffin recipe that can be adapted to your tastes, is quick and wonderfully light.

A slightly savoury sweet pancake that is robust and full of flavour. Just make extra maple butter and  strawberry compote.

A quick version of ice cream to keep your healthier sweet fix within 5 minutes.

A chewy and rich cake that is perfect with lemon curd, and dressed  with coconut yoghurt.

A great example of a quick soup from a flavoursome tomato sauce.

A  fresh new salad partner to an old school  but modern classic cauliflower dish.

Putting together about 5-6 elements that have been learned on the course. For a fresh tasty salad.

A classic that everyone will love.Dress up or down as you feel like. From basic to a quick dessert.

An example of how to elevate  a basic cake to dessert status.

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