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Gouache still life

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How to paint a still life with gouache


You can make your own photos with items you have at home, no fancy equipment needed. Or you can use the photo I provide to follow along with me during the class

As good as it might be, you'll need to change a bit the contrast, light and shadows to have a perfect reference photo for painting.

All you need to do this painting, I attach the supply list as well.

Preparing our paper before drawing

You can draw from the photo, or trace by placing the photo under your paper on a light table or a sunny window for example. And if you want, I enclose my sketch so you can use it, you can print direct ...

To help you judge the values between light and dark, I enclose a black and white photo

Time to give more texture to our first layer

After a second thought, it really needs a background

Correcting some values, adding highlights and removing the tape. I enclose a photo of the final painting.

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