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Learn to grow the best crop of garden tomatoes on the block


Welcome to my tomato growing video course.  We are here to learn how to grow your best tomato crop ever this year!!

Here's just a little bit about me and why I'm teaching this course.  We also talk about how to make this an interactive course for you as well!

Round, pear shaped, red, yellow, brown.  There are a million different types of tomatoes out there.  In this lecture we talk about the world of tomatoes!

With added resistances to diseases and extra production, many folks choose hybrid tomatoes for planting in their gardens.  In this lecture we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid ...

It's hard to beat heirloom tomatoes when it comes to taste and variety.  And if you want to save seeds, heirlooms are your only option.  But there are also some disadvantages to growing these p ...

Let's take a look at what we are going to cover in the body of the course.  We will also be covering timing and some important dates on your tomato calendar.

If you are going to be buying your starts from a nursery then there are a few things you need to look out for!!

All you need is a egg, a banana and a tomato plant to get started!  A banana and an egg??  Watch this lecture to see why!!

Many of us live in colder climates, this super handy inventions will allow you to plant your tomatoes up to 6 weeks earlier than you could otherwise!!

In the last lecture we learned about Walls of Water.  In this one we are going to learn how to fill them.  (It's a little trickier than you think!!)

Tomatoes are big plants!  They are going to need a little support, this lecture will give you a few ideas!

Tomatoes are pretty picky about water and fertilizer.  Learn the tricks in this lecture.

You need to watch your spacing!!  To close and you will effect your harvest, to far and your just wasting space!!

Not everyone has a giant backyard garden.  Don't let that stop you from growing tomatoes!!

Now that they are planted and growing this lecture will give you some tips on caring for your plants and preparing for the big harvest!!

Now it's time to reward all your hard work!!

So you have too many tomatoes to eat them all fresh.  What are your options for preserving them??

Don't give up on your tomato plants when the frost comes.  Here's a few ideas to protect those plants and keep the harvest coming!!

Well that's it!!  What do you think?  Are you ready to plant some tomatoes???!!!

Here's a look at all my other resources to help you with all your gardening needs!!