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Haircut 84.99 €

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Basics of Haircut


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Photography Udemy

Posing Masterclass 2020 (Models, Couples, Families) 84.99 €

Master Posing for Portrait Photography, Women, Men, Couples, Groups, and Kids. With lots of Examples.

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The Complete Open Broadcaster (obs) Almanac for 2020 19.99 €

100x your live streams quality, local recordings and watch your productivity explode!

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Video Production FREE

Video Production - The Basics! Learn Video Production in an hour.

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Meetings Excellence - Virtual and In Person 59.99 €

Improve your results by creating and running great meetings with great outcomes; that are efficient, effective and fun

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How VCs Think About Midwest Startups with Sramana Mitra 39.99 €

Case studies of Investors (Angels and Venture Capitalists) in the US Midwest on Venture Capital Fundraising

Computer science Coursera

Probability Theory: Foundation for Data Science Paid Course

Understand the foundations of probability and its relationship to statistics and data science.  We’ll learn what it means to calculate a probability, independent and dependent outcomes, and conditi...

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Created the formula .Calculation Food Cost. 19.99 €

Food Cost Management. Cost Control .Restaurant & Bar Owners. Culinary Student. . Anybody involve with food industry .

Business Udemy

Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 1 FREE

Leadership in Car Sales and Creating your Authentic Management Style

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