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Extend Your Gardening Season with a Cold Weather Garden


We're talking about why having a fall garden is so awesome and what's special about the plants we use in our garden at that time of year. Check the handout for a fun bonus activity that hel ...

In this video you'll start to think about what you want to grow this fall (using a list of 28 veggies!), find out whether you should plant seeds or seedlings and create your own personalized ca ...

If you're new to having a fall garden and you're not sure where to start, here are my suggestions for five easy vegetables to start with this season. 

In this video we're talking about how to find space for the fall vegetables you want to plant and what varieties do best in this unique part of the gardening season. 

Cool weather vegetable seeds prefer lower soil temperatures and more moisture than we usually have in summer. So, sometimes they need a little extra help to germinate. Row cover can be your secret wea ...

Spinach is the most amazing vegetable, especially if you live in a cold climate. You can plant it once in late summer and harvest it for six months or more!

When the time of your first frost arrives it's important to know which vegetables will survive and which you'll need to cover or risk losing. We also talk about how low the temps can go befo ...

With a little extra effort and some row cover you can keep harvesting vegetables that normally get killed by the frost in fall.  We'll cover how to use it and which vegetables to cover at what t ...

Take your season extension one step further by building a low tunnel for your row cover. Here's how!

Using a cold frame is another option for extending your harvest season into fall and winter. Here's how the build an easy one!

You can extend your harvest season into winter if you cover your low tunnel with greenhouse plastic. I walk you through the steps in this video as I create my own plastic covered low tunnel.

There are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you're using cold frames and low tunnels to extend your harvest season.

Over the years as I've experimented in creating a fall garden there are some practices I've learned that have helped me be more successful. In this video I share them with you!

Get a peek into my garden as I give you a tour of what I have growing for fall and winter during the month of August.

See the possibilities for your own garden in this behind the scenes tour of my September garden. The fall harvest begins in this month!

October is usually when my first frost arrives in my garden. See how I prepare for the colder weather and which vegetalbes I'm still harvesting.

In this video I take you along with me as I harvest lots of fresh veggies to cook for Thanksgiving dinner. There's nothing like healthy, organic food right from your yard to celebrate the harvest ...

Here's what to expect from your cold frames and low tunnels during the coldest months of the year.  

Late winter/early spring is a great time to start planting in your cold frames and low tunnels and doing so will reward you with earlier harvests than ever before! There are three steps you need to ta ...

Now that you've figured out what to plant and when to plant it, let's go over how to quickly prep your beds for your first plantings of the season. 

The warming spring weather can be dangerous for plants because it can heat up quickly inside low tunnels and cold frames. Here's how to make sure you're not stressing out your plants. 

If you don't keep records from year to year you won't know what works in your garden. I share a lesson I learned from keeping records and suggestions on how to do it easily and simply. 

We'll wrap up the class with some resources to help you continue to build your gardening skills!