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Master techniques for creating five delicious ice creams at home with or without a machine.


Welcome to the course! This lecture will give you a preview of what we'll be covering.

This lecture will give you an overview of the basic equipment you will need to make your first batch of ice cream.

If you're starting out and don't know whether you want an ice cream this is the place to go. We'll give you a breakdown of the different ways to churn your ice cream so that you know th ...

This lecture provides an overview of all the ingredients you'll need to create a homemade vanilla ice cream. Remember to check out the shopping list for extra notes around each ingredient that wi ...

This lecture provides some information on the different types of cream and how to estimate the fat percentage of these products.

This lecture will guide you through all the steps necessary to create a delicious vanilla ice cream custard. Remember to check out the resources for the recipe!

This lecture will cover three different techniques for churning ice cream: using a compressor machine; using a frozen bowl machine; and churning by hand.

This lecture provides a quick overview on how to serve ice cream using a spoon or an ice cream scoop.

This lecture will revise what we have learnt up until now. This is an excellent reference to have whenever you want to make an ice cream.

This lecture provides some solutions to common problems that you might encounter when making your ice cream.

Now that you've made your first ice cream, it's time to work on some new flavours! This section will show you techniques for infusing fruit flavours into an ice cream custard.

This lecture will show you how to create a beautiful strawberry ice cream. The technique that is shown to add the strawberries to the custard can be extended to other fruit as well.

This lecture will walk you through the process of creating a wonderful blueberry ice cream. The technique shown here is different to the one used for the strawberry ice cream and can also be extended ...

Well done for getting this far! At this point you would have made three great ice creams. This section will show you how to make two more popular flavours.

When it comes to dessert, chocolate is always a crowd pleaser. This lecture will show you the perfect recipe for creating a decadent chocolate ice cream.

This lecture will show you how to add a hazelnut flavour to your ice cream from scratch, including how to make your own hazelnut butter. The techniques shown here can easily be used for other types of ...

After making all that ice cream you're bound to have a lot of egg whites leftover. This section will give you some awesome recipes that will help you to use up those leftover ingredients!

What better way to use up egg whites than making your own ice cream cones? These are a great way to serve all that ice cream you've made!

Nothing uses up egg whites faster than meringue. This lecture will show you how to make a beautiful pavlova. Decorating your pavlova is also a great way to use up any leftover berries you might have.

Congratulations on completing the course! Happy churning!

This lecture will give you a couple of ideas on what to do next with all the skills you have learnt.