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Deliver an engaging 1 hour walking tour around a local town or city and become a trusted tour guide for visitors


All you need is a voice and an interest in your home town to get started on putting together an interesting tour for visitors to enjoy.

Discover your storytelling style to give yourself a structure to write your tour around.Tips on how to present yourself along with your content so visitors regard you as a tour leader while you wel ...

Pinpoint who you are writing for when scripting your tour and gather ideas of where your customers will come from.Improve your own commitment to your goal by getting a big enough crowd for your first ...

Look for common dates - or periods like Victorian, Georgian, Saxon, Celtic to tell the story of each location.  Find out any famous visits from monarchs or presidents in the past.Research who march ...

Do a brainstorm of what you love for added ideas to nail what you are uniquely offering on your tour. Set your stories around a particular Monarch, President or a historical period to give a bol ...

Break down the whole tour into manageable chunks.

Use this guide to go through each location and build your description of a similar length and structure so visitors get into a rhythm with the tour.Honour your skill in taking people to somewhere new. ...

Script each location to keep your visitors engaged.  Plot your tour so you give clear directions and provide an enjoyable experience along your route.

Know how to keep a group connected to your topic during your tour.Sometimes there is a need to fill in time as the timing of each location can depend on traffic and speed at which the group walks.  R ...

Use the layers of social history to tell the story and find the heart of your tour so you can find your theme.

Communicate in a style that is of help to the visitors.  Be honest, listen to them, be open to their needs, empathise and validate their dreams Don't be attached to them liking your course.   ...

Use your local knowledge to deliver an Art tour of your hometown

Use this check list to write a tour that tells the history of a military conflict in your home town.

Put together a tour inspired by your local Architecture

Websites such as https://www.guruwalk.com/ and www.freetoursnetwork.com/ offer opportunities to list your tour.Other options include creating a local tour book or an online audio tour.

Ideas on how you can make more money from a tour

Ideas on different opportunities to use your tour guide skills