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Complete Guidance on submitting Australian Partner visas with MARA agent


This lecture explains how marriage equality plays a part on Australian Partner visa stream.

This lecture explains what you can do if you get married after your subclass 309 visa is approved.

Can an arranged marriage still be qualified for partner visa ?

What is the difference between Perspective Visa and Partner visa.

This lecture explains what you can do when your relationship breaks down.

This lecture explains what you can do if you are still undertaking the divorce procedure.

What type of marriage is not recognised by the Australian law.

This lecture explains the sponsorship limitation.

This lecture explains how to meet the 12-month requirement.

This lecture explains the key aspects of demonstrating genuine relationship.

This lecture explains how to meet the social aspects of genuine relationship.

This lecture explains how to meet the financial aspects of genuine relationship.

This lecture explains how to meet mutual commitment of genuine relationship.

How to gather evidence to show the Nature Household requirement

How to complete the application form 47sp (online).

How to complete witness statement using form 888.

This lecture goes through how to create IMMI account and start to draft your visa application.

This lecture goes through how to complete form 40sp.

How to organise your documents before uploading to your IMMI account.

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