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Fundamentals and techniques for doing a professional hand poked tattoo


A brief introduction of what the course offers and what you will learn throughout the course.

A quick look at some of the tattoos that I have hand poked on my own leg. An insight into which needles create which kinds of effects and how minimalist gradients can effectively be used.

Draw a small design that we will use as an example for tattooing. You can copy this one, or create your own. It should be simple and small ( 5 x 5 cm)

I cover the equipment necessary to produce good hand poked tattoos. Some equipment is not mandatory and I will tell you the pros and cons. Health and safety is covered, including how to avoid cross co ...

How to create a stencil using carbon transfer copy paper and tracing paper.

How to create a stencil using professional tattoo transfer paper.

How to apply a stencil using stencil glue. The pros and cons of each type of stencil are covered.

First pass over the design. I'll instruct you on the basic mechanics of tattooing, including depth, angle and how much ink is needed.

Second and third pass over design to finish it off.

A look at the different effects different needles produce and why you would use them for specific purposes.

4 hour tattoo I've done on my own leg, sped up into

Aftercare advice on how to best look after your tattoo whilst it is healing.

A brief overview on what you have learnt during this course and how to progress from this. You are welcome to contact me at any point with your designs, tattoos and/or questions at info@tashtattoos.co ...

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