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Draw a quirky pen and ink of the Old Town in Nice then finish it off with watercolours.


These little videos are just to help you get a feel for my art studio.

Introduction to the art class and lesson.

This demonstration is a section from a detailed pen and ink wash of Venice before the actual wash.

This clip shows a wash being added to a pen and ink drawing of Grasmere in The Lake District.

This is from a detailed drawing of Elvet Bridge just across from Durham Cathedral. It was a more detailed pen and ink and we only floated pale colours in to resemble an old etching.

This is just an extra from a watercolour of Split in Croatia. It shows you how to add simple strokes to put figures into a painting.

Making your first marks on the paper takes confidence but once you start you will get more loose with your drawing.

Just keep drawing in with the pen, keep it loose and quirky, don't worry if you make a mistake just adjust the line, it all adds to the charm.

Adding shade and detail to the windows and shutters.

Here we add more windows to right hand building and strong shadows to the middle section.

After finishing right hand side we now draw in the roof detail on the left.

Continue down the left hand buildings, keep the windows narrow which helps with the perspective.

Here you will add the last bit of detail with the pen.

First wash is the sky followed by the ground, try to leave white paper around the edges to create a vignette.

Now stronger washes into the buildings, make sure the sky is dry though.

Paint in the main building then add stronger colours to create shadows.

Nearly done now with stronger shadows and detail into the awnings.

Final touches with little touches of strong colour for flowers and figures.

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