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Rather than avoiding hands all together, why not learn a new method to help you see hands as a simple object?


Follow the video tutorials to learn how to create a hand using simple shapes, and develop into an accurate structure of a hand using pencil. Don't forget to share you artwork with your classmates ...

Geometric Construct. Now that you know how to draw our basic shapes, you can now apply them to your drawing and see how they fit into the hand to give it movement and depth. This is a really cool stag ...

Contour. After you have got the proportions and the movement, your next step is to strip the drawing of its boxiness and begin with the organic curves of the skin! Now is the time to make any amendmen ...

Shading. Because our shapes are drawn in 3D, adding a simple shade to the edges can really start to bring your drawing to life so now is a good opportunity to do so. After this, China will show you ho ...

Shading Cont. Continue to work on the shading, both dark and light and keep switch between you 2B & 6B pencils to keep this dynamic.

Knuckle. The knuckle looks delicate, there are lots of wrinkles and sometimes that look impossible. Here you will learn how to look at the details and how you can use your tools to help you through it ...

Refine. This stage is optional, refining is always to the preference of the artist, so if you wanted to make your skin look super smooth, grab you 2H pencil and enjoy!

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