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Course Lessons Basics for New Artists, Learn the Easy and Simple way to draw Hair Style. Human draw I Made for Beginners


If you are brand new to drawing, then you are in the right place. This is a very short and simple course on how to draw hair. Hair is a pretty hard thing for many new artists. I break it down step by ...

I go through the supplies you need for the course. Its very simple and I think you'll find it simple to understand.

I give you the Biggest Mistake I see in n artists. This is almost always how people draw the hair when they start. I'm gonna help you break this habit immediately.

This is the structure of hair when I draw it. It's a very simple concept and I think it will change the way you draw any hairstyle forever.

I breakdown the parts of the hair. It'll go through the things I think about when I'm actually drawing hair.

I go over everything that I spoke about in the earlier lessons and put them together for you in an easy way. You will see what I do step by step.

Thank you so much for completing the course! I hope this is the beginning of a large art journey for you!

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