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Learn how to draw each individual part of the face and improve as an artist


This video is somewhat of an introduction. I will be explaining what pencils I use, what blending tools I use, what erasers I use and etc. I will also give demonstrations so you can have an understand ...

This video will show you how to draw the eye and the terminology for each part of the eye.

This video will show you how to draw both eyes and how to make them proportional and symmetrical.

This video will show you how to use basic shapes that you can transform into a realistic nose.

This video will show you how to draw the lips, and the terminology for parts of the lips (we'll be using guidelines)!

This video will show you how to draw the ear using triangular/square shapes, which will transform into a realistic ear.

This video will show you how to draw straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair. I'll take you through each hair type, encouraging you and giving advice/tips that will motivate you to not dread the ...

This video will show you how to draw the entire face from start to end. We will go over everything you've learned and apply it to make a portrait. We'll be using guidelines that'll help ...

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