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Learn from a 30+ Year, Second Generation Pest Control Professional


Thank you for ordering this course. My name is Jason Akers and I own Green Akers Pest Control LLC located in Virginia. I have been in the pest control field since I was a very young boy (over 30 years ...

In this video you will learn how to inspect a living room for bed bugs. When inspecting the living room, turn over sofas, love seats, and recliners. If there happens to be a sofa bed inside any of the ...

When treating a living room for bed bugs be sure to flip furniture upside down and pay close attention to staples holding the felts to the chairs and sofas. Treat these areas.With some of the newer mo ...

In this section of the lesson you will learn how to inspect a bed for bed bugs. Always, be extremely careful when inspecting beds. When removing bed sheets, you are highly likely to infest your own cl ...

After watching this video you will understand how to effectively treat for Bed Bugs. This video demonstrates the technique to apply pesticides for bed bug elimination. If this had been an actual infes ...

In this video you will learn the areas to treat that are not covered in the other treatment videos. Bed Bugs lay eggs everywhere. In this video we learn to treat baseboards, crown molding, door ways a ...

In this video you will learn how to prepare a vehicle for the treatment of bed bugs. The video is pretty self explanatory for this section of the lesson but I wanted to stress the point that stow comp ...

In this video you will learn how to treat a vehicle for bed bugs. Treating vehicles for bed bugs is important because the bed bugs can transport on passenger clothing, luggage, and many other items in ...

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