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How to go from stressed out dog walker to safe


In this module Dom introdces the concept of 'The Power of Play'. You'll learn about how play is the key to a successful walk and the foundation of the relationship you have with your do ...

Meet Dom's dogs! In this module you'll learn about my own dogs, AND the mistakes I made with them. Yes, even dog trainers make mistakes....

In this module you'll discover why walking our dogs can be so difficult. Dom explains the benefits of walking, exercise, dogs AND parks. And he also shares why off lead dogs in parks can be a rec ...

In this module you'll discover why many 'theory based' dog trainers can't help you enjoy better walks with your dog, because they simply don't have the practical hands on trai ...

In this module Dom explains why we struggle to control our dogs off lead. You will discover how dogs learn and why you may have been inadvertantly teaches your dog bad habits. You'll also learn h ...

In this module you'll discover what your dog needs to be healthy and happy. Most dogs need;Appropriate exercise A suitable dietChallenge (provided by YOU) To feel safeThe good news is you can pro ...

In this module Dom explains the concept of 'The Safety Audit'. You'll learn why maintaing safety is the key to a successful walk.

In this module you'll discover how you can accuratley measure safety so you know exactly when to let your dog off lead, and when to exercise more control.Safety has to sit at the very top of your ...

In this module you will learn how to 'prepare' for a successful dog walk. Dog walkers who leave the house with no rescources to control and entertain the dog will struggle to keep their dogs ...

In this module Dom demonstrates and explains the equipment he uses on his daily dog walks. You should invest in similar items.

In this Module you'll discover why the walk starts BEFORE you leave the house. Dom demonstrates how to 'pre-exhaust' your dog so you can take the edge off him before you leave the hous ...

If your dog isn't looking at you, then he isn't listening to you...In this module you'll discover how to use games and playing to get great eye contact from your dog. Dom shows how you ...

BONUS MODULE - Question and Answer session from the end of the seminar

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